Animated Objects Theatre Company Ltd.


Animated Objects work in a number of different ways. We work alongside schools and communities to enable people to engage with combined arts in their own settings and public spaces. We produce large scale works, featuring a mixture of professional and community artists; often involving hundreds or even thousands of people, working collaboratively to create inspirational and impressive works that are significant to their communities. We work with participants and audiences of different ages and backgrounds, and have a focus on making work accessible for people who do not normally engage with the arts for a number of different reasons.

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We deliver high quality performance, artworks and workshop sessions to over 10,000 people every year, in a wide variety of community settings, ranging from streets, parks and gardens, to schools, theatres, beaches and community halls. Our work can engage with a large number of people over the course of several months, and is tailored specifically to the communities involved. If you would like further details or to discuss a specific project idea, please contact us. Here are just a few of the ways we engage communities with our work:
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Engaging participants with differing needs; increasing accessibility of the arts
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Working with people in residential care settings
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Working with young people outside formal education
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Working with community groups in their own settings
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Working in Schools and Colleges
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Engaging people at public drop-in sessions
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Working with Libraries and Museums
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Working with different generations